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Took a train to Cali, home of pretty girls and heddy herb
Went to work on the latter, time passed, memories blur
Caught the train back, the same cat, you remember, sure
Never learned, just my bags came back heavier
Debts occurred, spending sprees, never splurged
Write for my queen like Freddie Merc, rep my turf, rest assured
Break that pad out, put that pen to work
Lay it flat out, so I can spread the word
Take half out and only spend a third
This that feeling that you never heard
You between hearing and feeling this, in a sense, another sense emerged
Chase success as angel feathers burn on Second Earth
I'm dressed for church, convincing Death to flirt
Got these bodies on my conscience but they well deserved
Not scared of conflict but don't treat it like a quest for worth
That's why they petty, acting like they peddle work
When they really pretty as that red rose pedal purse, bet it
My home's protected, enter, it will end up worse
Plead the 5th, probably practice that 2nd amendment 1st
But I'd rather not have to, this that shit that you glad I got back to


... Oh, you was waiting on me? Funny, I was waiting on you
A trivial pursuit, I'm trainspotting, yeah, trainspotting
Oh, you was waiting on me? Funny, I was waiting on you
Fuck it, all aboard!, I'm trainspotting, yeah, trainspotting

Verse 2

I was 11 when I started rapping, 13 hit the studio
15 won my first battle, hate it when they ask me how I'm doing though
Lie and say I'm good when it's moving slow, I'm losing hope, but
Shit, who would know?
A reclusive soul, on the other side of the curtain waiting on you to show
Share struggle with every person I meet
But if I let you in my bubble you have to burst it leave
You heard me? You hurt me, I'm worried
Look in the mirror like "Hurry"
"I'm failure, you deserve me", (fuck em)
Hang the judge and jury (jury)
I still get nervous when I rock a show
But on the surface let nobody know (No)
And I guess that's how I always am
Man, don't rap to rap no more, I rap to understand
Damn, I haven't freestyled in a couple months
Too busy writing things down 'cause they fuck me up. Like... (Chorus)

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