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Take a Hit

Intro: "After all these songs, all this timeā€¦"

Verse 1:

Probably never know the whole story
Tap inspiration like a Colt 40
Got a cult following that go for me
So I told shorty, that I'm on the road, I'll be home shortly
Trying to stay active
Balancing trying to make a stack
Make a slap, make it there, make it back
Wish me safe passage
What you get out's what you put in
Then you split it with the people that you break half with
Then you pay taxes
Swear the game backwards
Many wishing they had it, but you can't have this
Shit is established
Flow is that piff, that loud in the trunk out in interstate traffic
Take a hit
Muh fucka take a hint,
Looking at me like I'm crazy but I ain't a lick
I'm the shit, what you ain't convinced?
Take a trip, take a loss, make a dent,
Fuck that, bounce back, that's player shit
Play your cards, take your chips,
'Til then, can't tell me shit 'til you take a risk
All in 'til the cards fall and the table splits
I don't take no shit
But I'll take your shit, leave with what I came to get


Before I make amends, I'ma make a mint
Before I make a mill, make a million mistakes
Shit, take your pick
Before I make a hit I'ma take some hits
Hold up, let me take a hit (x4)

Verse 2:

Hold up, let me hit this lick
Motivated, watch the folks that you go and get your paper with
Make a million mistakes, go ahead, take your pick
Take a hit like it ain't shit (Go ahead)
Hold up, let me take a sip
A sticky situation rolled up in the paper when I roll up in the scraper bent
Can't tell me shit, probably smoking on my favorite shit
Take a hit
She told me I don't open up, I'm the main event
Told her I ain't made it yet 'cause I made a list
Trying to make it out, make a grip, make it make some sense
Most days I don't know what to make of it
Dream bigger but we trapped
Think bigger than we act
Seem bigger than I am
Yeah we, drink liquor, weed lit up, we living in the past trying to relive it,
But we can't, tell 'em that


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