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REM Cycle

Verse 1:

My soul is a grain of sand
My flow is a plane that lands, in an ocean of waving hands
They soak game, like a boat with a hole in it
Until they in over their head
'Cause they needed a moment to take it in, go 'head
They look for enemies and might've found 'em
There's no serenity in my surroundings
But I'm trying to find a balance
Not every pebble thrown, serves as a stepping stone
Let 'em be, I'm climbing mountains
Watch me blow this cloud
But I'm high without it
So fly, I'm in a spiders' web of lies trying to climb up out it
I wonder why they doubted
Holding this weapon disguised as a talent
Pulling out, treat 'em like the trends that they dying out with
Life's a challenge, what I have found is
I don't feel right about it 'til I write about it
And every line could supply an outage
If what I've amounted to, doesn't add up to what I've accounted, for
No matter what the why or how is
Goes to show, we could only be as close as time allowed us
Inspire thousands
MC painting Escher on airwaves, ascending staircases and finding out they spiral downwards
Life's a bitch but I'd die without her
So I wifed her and brought expired flowers to the bridal shower
Said I'm fine without her
Tied her down, siphoned power from inside her, pulling from within what I desire outward
I heard…


They fall in love with the dreamer don't they?
They fall in love with the dreamer don't they?
How can they fall if they already laying down?
Forgive them all 'cause they sleeping…
They fall in love with the dreamer don't they?
They fall in love with the dreamer don't they?
How can they fall if they already laying down?
Forgive them all 'cause they sleeping on me

Verse 2:

I don't blame 'em though
To be quite honest, I often question what I came here for
Pursuing fast money, I need to take it slow
But I overplay the cards I'm dealt to see that paper fold
Friends think I fell off
Fans think I fell off
I left the country, got back, then left the state, my cell's off
I ain't talking battles when I talk about an L dawg
Homie lost 50 racks, got it back and brushed himself off
Only speak about it in code, this ain't no tell all
You eavesdropping my thoughts, excuse me if I trail off
Nobody in my clique is well off
Some put regular life above music, hell naw
We say the same words but the language is different
How can we talk about music? We don't have the same relationship with it
You can tell the way I've been sprinting
You putting one foot in front of the other, maybe I'm tripping
This escapism, I'm past blown
My pen paints vivid as an x-ray image so where's your back bone?
I'm trying to be the poster boy for progress
Watching homies falling off thinking I'm next
And that's what really fucks with me
When those I looked up to, start looking up to me
When the bigger picture that I see in them
Melts away with self restraint, it's up to me again



"The career I have chosen is laden with opportunity, yet fraught with heartbreak and despair
And the bodies of those who have failed, were they piled one atop another, would cast it's shadow
down upon all the pyramids of the earth

Yet I will not fail as the others. For in my hands I now hold the charts that will guide me through perilous
waters, to shores that only yesterday seemed but a dream" (Quote by O.G. Mandino, "The Greatest
Salesman in the World")

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