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Know My Name

Verse 1 (Bigg K):

Tan buttas, my bomber yellow
I bet you smell that sour in the air when I spark a rello
You glancin in my cup baby I don't do Amaretto
Ain't nothin but some Sprite, drop a 4 it's that Donatello
I'm black bandana wit a hammer in arm reach
Ride around my city pack-handlin all week
Stash spot fits 6 bricks in the car seat
You rockin wit the fuckin heartbeat of this concrete
Hard life livin, hard white whippin
The early mornin cook-up, the long night pitchin
I run shit, don't a whole lot change
But when somebody get shot, u don't know my name


Verse 2 (Illmaculate):

Welcome to my life, gladly I'm here to help ya
Only things on the floor are panties and paraphernalia
Baggies of weed, pass me the marijuana,
Rolled a blunt on her back then passed it like "Here it's on ya"
slapping that ass, her derriere is a problem
I can't leave it alone like the baggage she carry on her
Or baggage you carry with ya
Picture us happily married, send you to the store
Then back if you tear the swisher
Laugh and get to blastin you split a hair with the trigger
Not shit compared to a spitter, I'm just comparing the figures
Hit a barrier swerving, a lick repairing the fender
We lose the case that's pending we disappear the defender
This the year to remember
Sip a beer with the members of my crew
Switching gears, a different sphere that I've entered
Stab me in the back , it isn't clear that I'm injured
Thick skin resistant, could split a spear into splinters
Wave a white flag, this one here is a winner
Spit like I'm the only thing in this hemisphere to consider
It appears that I'm deadly, so shed a tear for the fallen
My only enemy here, is in the mirror, I surrender, better tell em


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