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Do Not DIsturb

If I'm condescending, it's cause this angel's bath got me wetted
If I don't drown, a smoke cloud's is where I'm probably headed
so many shots to the neck, you'd think I got beheaded,
walking zombie stepping over bodies like I'm not infected
A party ambiance of drugs, sex and sloppy seconds
Documented, gossip spreads, hot off the press and off the record
They caught up in it, I'm not affected
Cause me and drama, a choppy edit, we don't go together (Change scenes)
Alcoholic stressing, empty bottle swap depressants
Heady chronic, coughing resin, Gangja session, cosmic thought projection
My squad's an odd collective some have college credits
and work blue collar sweating
Others dodge the feds, I live inside my head
Demons crawling the ceiling inside this box I'm kept in
Searching for breathing holes, I think the goal's not to let 'em
Freedom's a hoax, an odd invention
Read the scrolls the knowledge set in
They weighing ideas in gold but God is omnipresent
Forgive the path my enemies chosen, free they souls
They become strings of code as my legacy's woven
To each his own, greed engulfs your petty emotions
I ain't meant to be broke in a system meant to be broken
It's hard to stay in touch with reality, it becomes a casualty of war
When the battlefield's a balance beam a thousand feet from the ground
With an "I fall, you fall" type of mentality
Sell us freedom and we pay like it ain't ours
Get on my knees and I pray at this late hour
Thinking about the snakes that we gave power
Bathe they soul in gun powder and flame showers
The same ones that flew the planes in the trade towers
The real terrorists came out of the Mayflower
Plymouth Rock was ground zero
Except the ones that did the job are now heroes
It's the lies they told you and me
Those who preach peace lose they lives and die the most brutally
Why is there no scrutiny? We imprison those who question different
I don't see my own reflection in this
Overthrow the whole election system
Celebrity overdosing, our gross obsession with them
Control the vote with social nepotism
They don't look like you, no connection with them
Here's some pills for your depression, now go develop a coping mechanism
Co-dependent, home is rented but I'm smoking heavy in it
Neighbors complaining, hol' up you know the odor's pleasant bitches
Rolling up potent, they hoping we get evicted
They broke and they desperate, hit this and hold it for several minutes
Listen, I know, you just want your nice home cable
Your Iphone paid for, your life so stable
Sad your satellites won't save you
What you think?
God disguised those angels with spy drone halos?
Well I don't blame you, lies quoted blindfold us
But don't let those emotions isolate you
It's quite clear, once we can't be sold a dream, we're sold a nightmare,
But it's nice here, so I won't wake you.

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