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Yeah… Desperado
Shotgun under the poncho
Drinking water from a cactus
Wheat grass hanging out my lip, look
6 shooter on my hip, uh,
Let me set the scene…


Barrel smoking, hot steel
Glass breaking, shots spilled
Cop shields, a victim's last statement before he got killed
A botched deal
Bodies cartwheel and spin like tires, then a calm fell
In the midst of pistol fire and dropped shells
I know the pigs on my trail, I sense that odd smell
They flesh rancid, my sket clapping for Sean Bell
I'll tell Roswell their launch failed
And shot a spy plane for trying to occupy space where my thoughts dwell
Ah hell, raise all hell, Make all hail the desperado
Mexicano, the feds are on to me, I expect I'm followed
Ain't no manual for life, that's why the weapons auto
Plus they sold me these guns, so they expecting hollows
Deaths upon you, you taste it in every swallow
I bet it all your last breath is gone by sunset tomorrow
Tip a henny bottle and send you off, you're better off dead and gone
Now make your bed and pray your Pentecostal heaven wants you
It's Sandpeeps, the ten apostles, spread the gospel
Demigods, turning men to bronze, my pen offend the god your flesh belongs to
You misinterpret a bible passage and vengeance haunts you
I write a passage and pray your rights of passage never wrong you
Lonely killer, quoting scripture before his victim's soul is lifted
Swigging potent liquor got me through the coldest winters
Winning card hands before the river
Bullets hit the poker chips and fold the dealer
Smoking pistols, now he's vulture dinner

Verse 2 (OnlyOne):

I get a bad nerve I'ma shoot (Rrrraaaa)
Tequila worm in my tooth, spurs on my boot (YaaHHH)
Shining a duster coat, the lightning and thunder roll
Rolling up tumble weed, plucking a buzzard's wings
Puppet master, cut the strings, I shut the satanic book
Mothers of master Kush, covered in ash and soot
Butchered slang, snatching drug pusher's chains
Kids got hit, motherfuckers couldn't aim
You pussies is sweet, like some sugar cane
I ain't looking for beef, but I could cook a steak
So what's beef?
When a motherfucker crosses out your piece
Hits your little niece
Makes the middle of the streets, look like the Middle East
Wakes you in the middle of your sleep
Pistol within reach, ain't no pickle sweet
I shaved my widow's peak, my barber is black
My lawyer's Hispanic and yeah, the charges is stacked
Before they charge me with life
I'll spend it behind the bars that I write
I play the cards that I'm dealt
Yeah, I'm hard on myself
But I could live your life twice in one month
Smoke all the weed you smoked in one week in one blunt
But light up that fire and get stupid
But remember, the less you smoke the higher you get stupid
A pound of this cost 3 G's and up
I'm knee deep in drugs
Green Team, what's up? Yup…

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