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Bird's Eye View

Been gone for a year, Call it taking a breath
I needed my space, now low and behold, y'all were in the same place when I left
Oh, I'm like y'all are still here?
Hmm, well, You're not as committed , I'm highly offended
No comp for a legend, I'm talking that shit, if you want it it come get it
I get it, you thought you wanted my spot but ain't earning it
Name permanent, stay pertinent, the game murder it
Shit, yeah, I'm only shook when the plane turbulent
Ain't heard? What you mad for champ, get your passport stamped
Say word? Kick in the back door jam
Fuck a warped tour performance slot, I'ma stack more bands
Face first, do dirt
Circumstance we make work
Learn from that and pray for, haters
Second nature, so I ain't have to write it like a Dre verse
Blaze herbs instead, they flirt with death
Exchange words with threats, paper to get
What's wrong with you? I don't talk to food
So just bow your head and pay your respects, yeah

Hook (Ness Lee):

Don't you give yourself away now, 'cause watching from my view
I know just what you want to do...want to do
And any day now you'll likely make your move
You want to see my throne removed
And no you're not so wrong...you're not so wrong
'Cause i'm so on...and its been so long
But no you wont live long enough to see that day come true
Because of my birds eye view..birds eye view

Verse 2 (Milc):

Say hello when Blanco hit the turf
All my youngins pumped up off cheef keef and lil durk
They cheef keef and move they lil work
I had moon rock movin I even middled earth
I got stewie by the pint, Brilly by the pound
You just a blogger pimpin', we really run the town
Polo'ed out at my arraignment
All my verses sex, drugs, money and entertainment
Milc Macgyver, 1-5er with the drug buyers
Hop off the Greyhound and tip the bus driver
My girl Mexican but I got a Russian plug
Sippin on horchata while I'm touchin drugs


Verse 3 (Ness Lee)

I'm looking like i run a couple w's, hol up
I'm cooking like i want another w, hol up
You break right left while you're tracing my steps
But I'm already twenty of 'em up on you, know what
I put that there right in front of you
Oh if it aint look that way then I aint want it to
Now say hi to the great white lying under you
I'm AI to the snake eye and until this day I'm
Great with a thousand flaws, i may have found them all, wait
I'm down to talk but cant hear over the sound of
my round of applause' vibration around the halls
while you're taking your Tylenol
I'll skate in your place take that your tile and all
And leave your head banging like Blake on Pau Gasol,
This isnt a game though
I aint gonna wait on no trade to go take it no player, this isnt django,
I'll stay up in a zone
For 8 whole days straight in the same clothes,
Til my bank roll so straight that it can't grow,
And the saying goes "sosa till i say so",
Homie you an 808 cause initially you bang,
But eventually you faaaaaaade… don't

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